Civic Club Tree Sale

The Tree Lot is open daily starting Saturday, Nov 25th.

UpdatedTuesday November 21, 2017 byScott Hadley.

Wreaths - Trees of all sizes - Roping by the yard

Tree Lot is Open Daily starting Saturday Nov 25th

Monday - Friday 3:30 pm to 9pm (New Weekday Hours)

Saturday - Sunday 9am to 9pm

Westborough Civic Club Sale is located at Hastings School,

111 East Main Street (Rt. 30), Westborough 

(New Location!)

Westborough Civic Club is a registered charitable organization established in 1975 for the sole purpose of benefiting the town of Westborough and its residents. Club members volunteer their time to allowing all proceeds from sales to be returned to the community.  More than 40 years of fundraising!    Hope to see you at the Lot!

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Facebook: Westborough Civic Club          Mail: PO Box 155, Westborough MA 01581