FAQ - Football

UpdatedWednesday April 17, 2019 byAbbie Micucci.

  • When does the season begin and how long is it?  The season begins with equipment distribution in late July.  Practices will begin shortly thereafter.  Practices in August are generally held Monday - Thursday in the evenings.  All players are required to do one week of conditioning practice before full pads are worn.  Once school starts, practice will be held 2x/week with a possible walk-through on Saturday mornings.  Games kick off in late August with the jamboree.  After that, games are held every weekend through late October/early November. Games are typically held on Sundays, but some Saturday games are possible.
  • What do I need for equipment?  The league will provide helmets, pads, game uniforms, and practice jerseys.  Some practice pants are available as well.  Players must provide their own mouthguards, cleats, and girdles.  Many players prefer to buy integrated girdles with thigh and hip pads built in and/or integrated pants.
  • My child didn't play when he/she was younger.  Is it too late to start?  No - all players are welcome regardless of skill level or experience.  Coaches will work with their teams to teach fundamentals and best practices for safety.  It is common for first year players to join the team at all grade levels each year.  
  • What paperwork is required?  A list of required paperwork can be found at http://westboroughyouthfootball.com/site/ClientSite/article/747.  A link to this paperwork will become available after you've completed the online registration.
  • What does it mean to have my paperwork "certified"?  The coaches and/or team parents for each team will compile the paperwork for every player into a binder (affectionately referred to as The Book).  Officials from Central Mass Youth  Football and Cheer Conference (CMYFCC) will certify The Book for every team in the conference, matching the paperwork to each player to confirm that all players have the proper authorizations and are playing on the correct team for their age/grade level.  This certification is typically done at the jamboree in late August.  If your player is unable to attend the jamboree, it will be your responsibility to obtain certification for his/her paperwork.  No player can participate in the jamboree or games without certified paperwork.
  • Is my child guaranteed playing time?  Yes - All players will play a minimum number of plays each game provided that they have participated in practice in the week leading up to the game.  That number depends on the size of the team (smaller teams have a higher minimum play count....larger teams have a lower minimum play count).  Minimum play count criteria is determined by CMYFCC.  
  • Where are the practices and games?  In the beginning of the year, practices are typically held at Hastings Elementary School.  Once it starts to become dark earlier, they will move to Haskell Field under the lights.  Home games are played at Westborough High School.  
  • How far will we travel for away games?  Final schedule of all games will be determined based on the teams submitted from each town in the CMYFCC.  Some towns may have 2 teams at a given grade level.  Others may not have teams at all the grade levels.  Until the teams are submitted after registration is closed, we cannot say for certain who we will play.  However, in the past, we've typically played towns like Northborough-Southborough, Mendon-Upton, Hudson, Grafton, Millbury-Sutton, Auburn, Leiscester-Spencer, Clinton, Lunenberg, Littleton, and Oxford-Webster.
  • Is there a fundraising commitment required?  We will do a fundraiser during the season to help offset the expenses of the league.  For the past several years we have offered a calendar raffle and asked all players to sell at least 10 calendars.  It is expected that everyone participate.
  • Is there a volunteer requirement for parents?  There are many different opportunities to participate throughout the season.  All coaches are volunteers.  When we hold home games, we often open the concession stand and ask for parent volunteers to staff the stand either before or after their game.  This is only a 1-2 hour commitment.  We rely on help from parents to be part of the chain gang during home games.  Each team will ask a a parent to video tape all games so that the players can review game film.  Each team has 1-2 team parents who help organize the paperwork (The Book) and assist the Head Coach with other team communication and organization as necessary.  We also need 2 play counters for each game to keep track of minimum play count.