Flex Football 101

UpdatedMonday May 11, 2020 byJoseph Montiverdi.

Flex Flag Football is a new developed program for the instructional levels that teaches basic skills and concepts of the game.   WYF Flex Football provides boys and girls in grades K - 3, a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in light contact (open hand blocking), this new program emphasizes teamwork and shows that every position is important.  Last year we had another sucessful season and with the continued growth we will be able to offer two grade levels of Flex Football for the 2020 season.  Registration is now open for our fall 2020 season!

Flex Football is a more hands on and team based approach to learning the basic rules of the game, where as flag football is more focused on who is the best athlete on the field.

The Basics:

  • 7 on 7 for grades K/1 and 9 on 9 for grades 2/3
  • Traditional first downs
  • Limited contact
  • Players are introduced to blocking
  • No shoulder blocking
  • No tackling
  • Players wear flags, just like traditional flag football
  • Players wear soft-shell helmets and soft-shell shoulder pads

WYF uses the Flex Football instructional levels to ensure that all of our players understand and are prepared to safely make the jump to the competitive tackle levels (Grades 4-8).   As with all of our footbal programs the Flex Football levels are a limited travel program.  Home games are played at Westborough High School while away games are played throughout central MA.