All American Football 101

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UpdatedMonday May 11, 2020 byJoseph Montiverdi.

Our players that enter the All American Football (AA) program grades 4-8 are taking their next step in their football careers.  Football is the ultimate team sport which is something that we work to instill in our players during thier instructional years (K-3).  When players decide to play all american football they are committing to hard work (at school and on the football field), determination, making good decisions, and being part of the Rangers All American team.

  Football is a game of knowledge, physical exersion, and achieve personal and team goals.  In AA Football players must learn to huddle up and call a play as well as work together to ensure that all players know thier assignments.  This sport has a way of providing players with a chance to accomplish a goal on every play and provides them with the understanding that everyone's assignment on each play is crucial to achieving the team goals.

  AA Football is played on a full field with a very minimally modified rules set from what they will be using in high school.  WYF takes a safety first philosophy and ensures that we are training our players with the newest and most cutting edge techniques available.  It is our goal to train our players to be the model of sportsmanship and to provide them with the tools to be sucessful on and off the football field.

  WYF works hand in hand with the Westborough High Football coaching staff to ensure that each year our players are gaining the skills they need at each level to ensure they are ready to play in High School.  The coaching staff at the school works with WYF to provide a positive and fun environment for the kids to learn the game of Football by developing camps, providing the opportunity for the high school players to work with the youth kids, along with fun new programs every year.

  As with any sport, there is always a risk of injury.  We are committed to ensuring our coaches are always up to date on the safest way to provide a great experience for our athletes, and that the program is providing the best, and safest, equipment available.  Our coaches attend numerous clinics where they are trained on the safest blocking and tackling techniques.